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Harborquest Staffing and Placement Services
We care.

As a nonprofit organization, we care about our workers. That’s why we’re so conscientious about preparing them to succeed in the workplace.

As a long-standing member of the Chicago-area business community, we also care about staying true to our promise to businesses: To provide reliable, reasonably priced staffing services that improve the quality of their workforces. That’s how we’ve been able to provide nearly 50,000 workers with valuable temporary work experience on our own payroll. We’ve also helped more than 15,000 earn regular full-time jobs with other employers.

In an industry often under attack, we care about old-fashioned values: Integrity, trust, professionalism, fairness, accountability.

And we care about the future—yours, ours and our workers. We’re constantly working to improve member/worker training programs and to give employers flexible, innovative staffing solutions based on their specific needs.

Harborquest is different—and better. By caring for people and preparing them to succeed in the workplace, we give employers the reliable staffing they need to take care of business.


Contact Us Today 773.435.8338

Harborquest, Inc. 2750 W. Roosevelt Rd.
Chicago, IL 60608 773.435.8338 Fax 773.435.8488

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